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Irvington Storefront

We recently Interviewed Ruth Katz and John Duvall two building owners in Irvington, New York about their choice to pass on offers from great businesses to rent their Main Street storefront.   They’re holding out for something more.  More than an immediate income stream they are holding out for a community asset.  They are looking for the triple bottom line for their community in a very personal way.  They want a business to rent their storefront that will bring creative, local, slowed down, practical community driven value to the neighborhood.  Why?  Because they live here. They are investing in the community and want to
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Winter Musings on Home Compost Bins

Composting has so many great benefits, practicing it saves money, time and keeps residents mindful of the relationship between what they eat, what they throw out, and the health of their community. We’ve been talking about whether a municipal compost pickup or promoting backyard composting makes better sense for suburban communities in the Hudson Valley.  Some advocae for setting up rounds of municipal trucks that pick up 55 gallon containers of compost from stoop side in places like San Fransisco, Vermont and many European cities. A simpler tact might be composting on site.  Backyard Composting is a low tech solution
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