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house_300The Energize New York program, piloted last year in the Town of Bedford, has officially developed the tools and best practices required for duplication in towns across Northern Westchester. Ossining and Somers were the first to formally launch and begin offering the home energy assessments and recommended upgrades in their own communities, initiating a stream of cost savings that the program looks forward to carrying throughout the rest of Northern Westchester and beyond!

With each new launch comes a new idea on how to extend the opportunities of energy efficiency to other New York homeowners. Herb Oringel, who resides in Somers and is Chair of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC), built key partnerships with the local School District, Chamber of Commerce and Lion’s Club. Innovative partnerships like these are blossoming throughout Energize Somers, helping spread the word about the program and its local economic and environmental benefits.

In Ossining, steadfast support from the local elected officials has translated into public “energy assessment parties” hosted at the home of Village Trustee John Codman and Westchester legislator Catherine Borgia. Here, constituents have been able to witness the true energy assessment experience, understanding the potential savings Energize can bring to their own homes. These and other wonderful events are bringing an ever-growing number of homeowners into the Energize program, and we could not be more excited about the difference they’re already making in their communities.

Want to find out more? Visit EnergizeOssining.org or EnergizeSomers.org and 'like' them on Facebook: Facebook.com/energizeossining and Facebook.com/SomersEEC

20111024031801Eight local religious leaders, representing Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant congregations, have signed a declaration asking local residents to reduce the energy wasted in their homes as an important way to protect and safeguard the environment. 54 percent of Bedford’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions originate from residential buildings.


As pioneers of the “Care For the Earth Starts at Home” campaign, eight religious leaders are distributing information to their respective houses of worship, encouraging their congregants to take advantage of the free and reduced-cost Comprehensive Home Energy Assessments offered by Energize Bedford and New York State to determine where their homes waste energy.


What are these leaders saying?



clouds_300Find out what Representative Nan Hayworth has to say about PACE at yesterday's press conference. CBS covers the story as does The Daily North Salem, or check out the Representative's press release. Check out Energize Bedford's Facebook page for a link to the PACE one page primer.
About Energize Bedford: Energize Bedford is a community based energy efficiency and savings program that seeks to dramatically decrease energy waste while improving the comfort and safety of Bedford homes. The program encourages homeowners to have comprehensive home energy assessments and follow through with recommended Home Performance upgrades. For more information, visit www.EnergizeBedford.org




About Bedford 2020: The Bedford 2020 Coalition’s mission is to lead, organize and promote a community-wide effort to reduce Bedford’s greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2020 and to create a sustainable community that conserves its natural resources. Learn more at www.Bedford2020.org.








About Energize Bedford: Energize Bedford is a community based energy efficiency and savings program that seeks to dramatically decrease energy waste while improving the comfort and safety of Bedford homes. The program encourages homeowners to have comprehensive home energy assessments and follow through with recommended Home Performance upgrades. For more information, visit www.EnergizeBedford.org.


care_for_the_earth_flyerRev. William Weisenbach of First Presbyterian Church of Katonah initiated this religious leaders’ effort on behalf of Bedford 2020.


“If we all get involved and get a little bit from everyone, we can make this community vision a reality,” said Weisenbach.The First Presbyterian Church Manse recently had a Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment and followed up with much-needed air sealing and insulation work. Weisenbach said his church has reduced its energy costs by 30 percent. These reductions were spurred on by Energize Bedford, a local effort sponsored by Bedford 2020 and the Town of Bedford to help residents save money, reduce energy waste, and make their homes more comfortable.


Rev. Weisenbach will hosted a workshop at First Presbyterian to educate parishioners about Energize Bedford and how they can get started with their own Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment.


Who is Bedford 2020? 

Who is Energize Bedford?




Rabbi Jason Nevarez distributed flyers at Temple Shaaray Tefila’s Yom Kippur services. “The Jewish New Year is a perfect time for people to start looking with fresh eyes at these issues and connecting how our day-to-day actions can impact the planet,” Nevarez said. “As we say in our flyer, ‘God’s call to care for the earth starts at home.’”


Rev. William Weisenbach of First Presbyterian Church of Katonah


clouds_300“Stewardship is a shared responsibility of all Christians,” said Fr. Edmund Connors, Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption. “This community-supported effort is an easy way for everyone to get involved.” Check out the Bedford Patch article. 


Rabbi Jason Nevarez Temple Shaaray Tefilai 


business_people_aplauding.jpgOn Monday October 24, the Town of Bedford will receive the American Jewish Committee Westchester Region’s prestigious Energy Independence Award   in recognition of its pioneering work in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.  The award will be presented during AJC’s  third annual Energy Independence Day  which will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Congregation Sons of Israel, 1666 Pleasantville Road, Briarcliff Manor.

Among other things, the Town of Bedford is a founding member of NWEAC (the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium).  NWEAC’s Energize project, funded with Grants from DOE and NYSERDA, started in 2010 as a pilot program and is designed to encourage homeowners to have their homes assessed for energy efficiency and to provide funding to upgrade homes at the lowest possible cost. Over the next several months, Energize will be introduced to no less than 14 municipalities in northern Westchester.  A collaboration that in and of itself deserves mention if not accolades.

AJC’s Energy Independence Award  is a feature of an event which brings together people of all stripes who believe that we must find ways to free ourselves of our dependence on oil.    Yossie Hollander, a well-known and highly successful Israeli / American high tech entrepreneur will be the keynote speaker at.  Mr. Hollander will be discussing  components of a plan developed by the Israeli government with assistance from the Israeli Institute of Economic Planning (which he chairs) to develop an Oil Alternative Economy. The plan was rolled out by the Israeli government this past February and has been compared to the highly touted Israeli high tech revolution which was engineered by the  Israeli government, academia and private business in the early 1990s.  Additionally, Mr. Hollander will discuss ways in which America can release the grip of foreign oil.

The event is free of charge. Teens and college students are encouraged to attend.


plug_redEnergize Bedford can connect you with free energy audits and they produce great action conferences like Bedford 2020. The group shares important resources like this compilation of municipal energy plans.

What can a community do to add to this profound work? Bedford is on the verge of creating Dark Skies legislation. If this community achieves this goal they will be the first in Westchester County to reduce energy consuption by switching off uneccessary advertising, parking lot lamps saving carbon and money while the village sleeps. Check out the Bedford Patch story by Lisa Buchman. Investigate and be inspired by the thoughtful energy action going on in the North County.

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