mc_11_12_2012_2Getting your free home energy audit is a brilliant financial move!  Getting references from at least 3 of your potential auditor’s  satisfied customers is critical to saving money and your sanity! This Contractor Reference Check Script will help. Feel free to add more questions. If you do please send them to us so we can update this script for others!

Reference Interview Questions:

1. How did you meet this contractor?

Take note of answers like: “He’s my cousin’s friend etc..”  Not necessarily a bad sign, just worth weighing in your decision.

2. Has the contractor completed a Free Home Energy Audit for you?

3. Did the contractor do work related to the audit for you?

4. Did the contractor give you a detailed contract for the work?

5. Did the contractor fulfill the contract?

6. Did he fulfill the contract on time?  Were there any obstacles, delays, added work?

7. Did the contractor leave your home relatively clean at the end of a work day? Did they leave your home clean at the end of the project?

8. Rate your contractors level of attention to detail.  Great, OK, Sloppy

9. Do you feel your home is as attractive or more attractive than before you had the work done?

10. Since completion of the work do you feel any drafts? Notice mold growing? been sick or have allergic reactions you didn’t experience before the work? Notice anything wonkey about the work?

11. Did the contractor use the same materials, sub contractors, windows or other large objects that you agreed upon in the contract?

12. Did your contractor use Green products. (Products that would earn you LEED points are ideal!)

13. How would you describe your level of satisfaction with the contractor’s office staff, customer service?

14. Do you trust your contractor?

15. Would you use their services again?