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Funding for Your New Septic in the NYC Watershed

From our friends at the Catskill Watershed Corp: MARGARETVILLE, N.Y. For many folks, when you flush, shower or empty the kitchen sink, your worries about wastewater are over. Out of sight, out of mind. It either goes under the backyard, or into a municipal treatment system, where it become’s somebody else’s problem.  But in the New York City Watershed, a 1600-square-mile area of the Catskills where six big reservoirs collect precious water for nine million people in the City and its northern suburbs, wastewater is taken seriously: It’s important enough for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to allocate
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Climate March Garbage? DEVO The Solution

Last week’s Climate Change Action March in New York City was a phenomenal success showcasing just how many very motivated brilliant leaders can build a coordinated effort.  In the wake of the worlds largest Environmental Action of all time criticism has aroused about garbage left on the parade route. Having reduced waste in large public venues and events reading these ideas has spurred the following response: We all agree that the dominant paradigm has to shift. On Sunday I started at the front of the March, followed leaders to 42nd Street, then walked backwards through the march to the end.
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