4th Annual Winter Film Series
Wednesday, January 27  7PM
Mountainview Studio  
This is a shoe-free venue; bring your fuzzy slippers.
20 Mountain View Avenue 
Woodstock, NY
American Revolutionary:  Grace Lee Boggs
(82 min) Grace Lee Boggs, 1915 – 2015, a Chinese American philosopher, writer, and activist in Detroit, with a thick FBI file and a surprising vision of what an American revolution can be. Rooted in 75 years of the labor, civil rights, and Black Power movements, Grace challenges a new generation to throw off old assumptions, think creatively and redefine revolution for our time.  Boggs says, “revolution is not an act of aggression or merely a protest. It is about something deeper within the human experience – the ability to transform oneself to transform the world.”
film card front 2016