Building Clean and Resilient Local Power – NY Prize Update and Microgrid Case Studies
New York State is taking exciting steps toward transforming its energy system and supporting communities in examining the emissions and resiliency of their power supplies. Launched in August of 2014, NY Prize is a $40 million competition to help communities create microgrids that aims to improve the reliability of local power, reduce costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This Climate Smart Communities webinar will provide an update on the three-stage NY Prize process. In addition, the webinar will explore the value of microgrids through case studies on systems in New York State, some of which incorporate renewable energy. The presenters will also discuss the role that local governments can play in supporting the development of microgrids to increase clean and resilient power in their communities.

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If you plan to participate, please provide us with your name and community affiliation, either via e-mail or telephone to the Office of Climate Change at [email protected] or 518-402-8448. In the event that we have to cancel or postpone this webinar, respondents will be notified.

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