Community Lunch 2015 sponsor headerBummer News First, Good & Fabulous News Next

First, The Bummer… keynote speaker, John B. Rhodes, President & CEO of NYSERDA, will be unable to make Community Lunch on Wednesday, November 18th.
Karen E. Hamilton_ Director_ Residential Services_ NYSERDABut the Good News? Karen E. Hamilton, Director of Residential Energy Services at NYSERDA is ready to step in. 
Karen is the Director of Residential Energy Services at NYSERDA. The Program uses market-based approaches to scale up demand for energy services in one-to-four family homes, provides resources to facilitate energy services for low-to-moderate income households, and supports the services sector and communities with a workforce development initiative. The program also offers innovative consumer financing that enables many households that may not have otherwise been able to pay for energy services to do so.
Karen serves on the Board of Directors of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and the Home Performance Coalition (HPC.) She has been with NYSERDA for 22 years and holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering. Get your ticket to our annual luncheon by clicking here.
RSVP has been extended to noon on Monday, November 18. Grab the phone, call a friend, make a date and get online to save your seat because you won’t want to miss this afternoon’s Good News.
And FABULOUS NEWS? Three recognition awards at Community Lunch
  • Kathleen Leahy, RUPCO COO, with the Lifetime Service Award
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development, New York State Single Family Housing with a Community Partner Award
  • Community Partner Center for Creative Education with a Community Partner Award
BEST NEWS FOR LAST: Your business can sponsor this year’s Community Lunch. Simply email Tara Collins and we’ll recognize your support of RUPCO’s mission: to create homes, support people and improve communities.