Forest Farmers Market




Date:  Saturday, December 5

Time:  10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Cost:  Free

Location:  Agroforestry Resource Center, Acra


Ring in the holiday season by visiting the Forest Farmers’ Market.  The Forest Farmers’ Market features locally grown and hand-crafted items, including honey and maple syrup, ornaments, baked goods and many beautiful gifts for everyone on your list!


Forest farming – or agroforestry – is the practice of growing crops in the shade of the forest canopy.  Agroforestry is the art and science of utilizing the land in a way that benefits the local economy while preserving the natural systems upon which we all depend.  Forest farming products include herbs, fruits and hand-crafted items created from materials gathered in the woods.  The Forest Farmers’ Market features these products, as well as handmade items from local craftspeople.


The Forest Farmers’ Market is a free event featuring a warm atmosphere that will put you in the spirit of the season.