Local Food & Fiber Fair draws crowd



Cornell faculty, students and staff enjoyed the chance to taste, talk and touch their way through a crowded farmer’s market at the 2nd annual Local Food and Fiber Fair in the Mann Library Lobby on November 18th.

Over thirty local farmers and Ithaca area programs involved in the promotion of local farm sustainability and healthy community nutrition staged a display that was awash in color, texture, flavor, and information.  Enthusiastic shoppers savored hot cider, artisanal cheeses, fresh produce, honey, home-made jams, farmer-ground flour, watermelon radish samples and other surprising treats.  Fair-goers coming in from the November chill browsed a rainbow assortment of wools, watched live-action yarn spinning and revelled in the opportunity to feel just how silky soft angora rabbit fur really is.  Both at the market and the early afternoon lightning presentations that kicked off the event, visitors were able to learn about the many angles of local rural sustainability, from the growing place that local foods are finding in Cornell dining venues to the art of successful canning, the science of backyard shiitake farming and the work of launching a new bakery using locally grown wheat. Rounding out the event, an evening film showing of the acclaimed BBC production, “A Farm for the Future” and closing panel discussion by a speakers from Cornell and Ithaca area farming initiatives drew a standing room only crowd that dug deeply into the supply of freshly popped local popcorn provided along with the movie. Three student organizations, the New World Agriculture and Ecology Group, the Cornell Gourmet Club, and the Development Sociology Graduate Student Collectivity, hosted the film and panel discussion.

The 2nd Annual Local Food and Fiber Fair @ Cornell was co-sponsored by Mann Library, the Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, and the Cornell Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. For more views of the event, please visit our local food & fiber fair slideshow.  For a guide to information resources on local food and regional sustainability, please visit the Mann Library libguide.

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