Please join our Monthly SING-ALONG –
now in its SIXTH YEAR
Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ
MAS (or NAS) Building, Room 001
Sunday, October 4, 2015, 2:30-4:30 pm

and every 1st Sunday after that(usually we meet from 2-4 in Eatontown)

DIRECTIONS TO BROOKDALE:Newman Springs Road starts at Route 35, south of Red Bank. It’s also called Route 520. You’ll continue driving west on
it until you’re 2 miles west of Parkway Exit 109.
You’ll enter Brookdale College from a traffic circle – then keep on the main drive
all the way to Arena Drive, where you’ll find Lot 6.
MAS stands for Main Academics South.It was formerly called NAS (Natural and
Applied Sciences). You’ll see that building from Parking Lot 6. It’s right behind
the “Greenhouse.” We’ll be in room 001
As usual, we will have (a) Featured Leader-Performer(s). Ingrid Heldt and Isis Ra, the organizers, will also participate, and so can you. Similarly to the Circle of Song Stage at our NJ Friends of Clearwater Festivals, there will be opportunities for
audience members to take a turn or two to play – or to sing along– please bring your
instrument. But if you wish, just come and listen.We encourage songs about the environment and sing -along songs, but you can do or request others.
The suggested donation of $3-$7 is still split between NJ Friends of Clearwater’s free Annual Festival (our 40th in 2015) and Pastor Sony’s work on behalf of the homeless and the hungry in Asbury Park.
Our Featured Leader-Performer for October 4 will be Lydia Adams Davis
Lydia Adams Davis is one of Pete Seeger’s early Sloop Singers. She
has performed with NJF Clearwater since the 1980s. She entertains all ages
and has sung harmony with Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Bev Grant, Kristen
Graves, Ray Korona and Dar Williams. Lydia leads peace, union, historical
and original ballads with a country flair. Lydia is passionate about singing and
connecting with folks through improvisational songs, sign language, wry
puppets and filling the air with good musical fun. Her CDs “One Earth So
Green and Round”and “We All Have Lunch with Lydia” won 2012 Parents’
Choice awards. Ben Seibert will sing backup vocals. Please check
www.ingridmusic.com under Circle of Song or www.MCClearwater.org
under Links/Circle of Song for any potential changes to planned events or call 732-869-9276