Nursery Greenhouse School
  • Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Full Agenda

8:30 AM   Registration and sign in for NYSDEC Credits

9:00 AM   Welcome and announcements

9:15 AM   Pollinator Issues, New Landscape Pests, Q & A- What’s Bugging You?  Dan Gilrein- Cornell Cooperative Extension Suffolk County

10:15 AM   Do Happy Aphids make Happy Beneficials? Research on the interaction of Nitrogen level, aphid population, and biocontrol   Betsy Lamb- Cornell University IPM Program

10:45 AM   Break

11:00 AM   Biopesticide Efficacy Trial on Control of Verbena/Cucurbit Powdery Mildew   Brian Eshenaur-Cornell University IPM Program

11:30 AM   Selling Knowledge- Providing Pest Management Information to Your Customers   Betsy Lamb-Cornell University IPM Program

12:00 PM   Lunch

1:00 PM   Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants   Brian Eshenaur- Cornell University IPM Program

1:30 PM   Proper Planting Techniques for Trees and Shrubs   Jim Presutti- Hudson valley Horticultural Services

2:00 PM   The Garden Professional’s Wish List   Cheryl Alloway, Alloway Garden Design and Russel Wiser, Victoria’s Garden

2:30 PM   Worker Protection Standards and Changes   Maire Ullrich-Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

3:00 PM   Evaluations and Adjourn.

4.5 Credits available for Certified Nursery and Landscape Professionals ( please bring your ID #).  NYSDEC Pesticide Recertification Credits (must present pest applicator license and attend for the full duration of the program).  Category Credits:  1a (AgPlant) 2.75;   3a (Ornamental/Turf) 2.25;   3c (Interior Plant Maintenance) 0.50;   10 (Demonstration) 3.00;   23 (Vegetable) 2.25;   24 (Greenhouse &Florist) 2.75;   25 (Nursery/Ornamental Turf) 1.75
For more information, including a printable Brochure and online registration, see event posting:

Online Registration:

For more information contact Teresa Rusinek at 845 389-3562 or email [email protected].


Teresa Rusinek
Commercial Vegeteable Production Educator, ENYCH
[email protected]
845-691-7117 ext.320


Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County
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