Stone Barns Center CSA: 2016

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a farm-share program that fosters strong bonds between community members and farms. Individuals who buy a share of a farm’s bounty help growers both financially and with marketing, while CSA members receive weekly shares of nutritious, well-grown food.

The Stone Barns CSA is open to Stone Barns Center members as a way for you to dig deeper into not only our delicious farm bounty, but into our farm innovation and experimentation as well. If you want to renew or upgrade your membership to gain CSA access, along with other benefits, call our membership office: 914 366 6200 x140.


One CSA share gives you one box of farm-fresh vegetables every week from June 1 – October 28, 2016; 22 weeks total.

One share provides enough produce to supplement a two- to four-person household.

You can register for a Wednesday/Thursday pick-up OR a Thursday/Friday pick-up. You must choose one option for the entire season. On your registered pick-up days, you may pick up the box anytime, but preferably during our business hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Only full shares are available. We do not sell half shares.

To reduce the amount of waste and the cost of cardboard boxes, your share will include a reusable market bag that you can stock each week at your pick-up.

Annual Price: $800

The CSA is a reflection of our resilient farm—its microclimate, unique crop rotations and patterns of practice that keep our soils and crops nutrient-rich. The products we include in your weekly CSA box are the result of a rhythm that echoes the ebb and flow of the seasons. We will have periods of heavy harvest and lighter harvest, of repetition and of change—all delicious and all grown with incredible care. Enjoy vegetable varieties not found anywhere else, including delicious trial varieties from our collaborative seed-breeding partnerships with Cornell, Bejo Seeds and other innovative organic seed breeders. Some varieties will be grown exclusively for Stone Barns CSA members.

We know that with the CSA comes much adventure, as you do not know week to week what you may be picking up; so this year we want to help you plan ahead. At the start of the season, we will share a week-by-week forecast of expected produce for the entire 22 weeks. This practice will also help our farmers keep the flow of produce as regular and as high in quality as possible.

Free and exclusive programing will be offered to you throughout the season to enrich your CSA experience. Details to come.

Learn more about seasonal, whole-farm eating and the power of soil through our sustainably grown produce.

Help influence future seasons of growing by offering us your thoughts on how the vegetables taste and perform.

CHICKEN & EGG ADD-ON: $400, limited shares!
Raising livestock in conjunction with our vegetable-growing operation is part of creating a diverse and sustainable farming operation. Enjoy farm-fresh eggs and flavorful meat while learning about the role that pasture-raised chickens play in our farm ecosystem. Take home one-dozen eggs each week, plus eight whole chickens over the course of 22 weeks. Chicken breeds will span the spectrum of modern production, from the Cornish Cross broiler to dual-purpose heritage breeds (those used for both eggs and meat), so that you can explore the how, what and why of chickens on our farm and in our diet. You will receive a schedule of specific chicken pick-up dates with further details. Shareholders will have the opportunity to participate in a free chicken breakdown program with one of the Stone Barns staff.

FLOWER ADD-ON: $250, limited shares!
Flowers are an integral part of Stone Barns Center’s diverse farming operation. They attract pollinators and deter pests, are part of the crop rotation that keeps our soil biology balanced, and impart beauty. Celebrate the farm and all its splendor with one seasonal bouquet a week for 15 weeks, June 1 – September 9. Each week, our team will highlight certain bouquet “ingredients” to better acquaint you with botanical identification, crop selection, seed trialing, growing habits, agricultural innovations and best practices for vase-life longevity. Shareholders will have the opportunity to participate in a free flower-arranging program with farmer and flower expert Shannon Algiere.

Through your CSA membership, you are supporting our mission to change the way America eats and farms.

Wednesday, February 17: 2015 CSA members will have an opportunity to renew their share.
Wednesday, March 2: Registration opens to all Stone Barns Center members.

A limited number of shares are available. Only one share may be purchased per member household.

Questions about the CSA? Email [email protected]

Questions about your membership? Call our membership office: 914 366 6200 x140.

In the meantime, see what 22 weeks of seasonal eating looked like through the 2015 CSA slideshow.