Upcoming Program at Five Rivers: Water!


Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, 56 Game Farm Road, Delmar, invites visitors to explore outdoors with a naturalist on Saturday, August 29.

Whether it’s people building cities, or wildlife looking for sustenance, we all seem to be attracted to water. At 10:00 a.m., join a center naturalist for a visit to several waterbodies at Five Rivers, including ponds, marshes and a stream. Discover how water bodies differ and which living things are attracted to different types. Learn about the historical origins and uses of the ponds and stream at Five Rivers.

At 2:00 p.m., visitors may take part in a guided walk along the Service Road Loop trail, which includes ponds, wetlands, forest and fields. It is a nice slice of Five Rivers on a flat, wide pathway suitable for an easy stroll. Turtles may be basking on logs, perhaps a deer will be seen in the fields, or other wildlife may surprise us as we discover the charms of this trail.

For more information, please contact Five Rivers at 518-475-0291.