Have you become frustrated with trying to buy the perfect “whatever” to capture the beauty of the season?

Consider siezing this bonus day off to take your family for a hike. Or maybe a game of Scrabble. A meal you make yourself.  Meet friends for tea, volunteer, draw, compose an incredible rock song with your kids or grand parents. Who knows what mischief you can come up with while your not standing in line, under fluorescent light, with a credit card in your hand, listening to a canned version of Jungle Land?

The folks at International Buy Nothing Day believe there are bigger motivations than 80 % off retail and figure that Black Friday is a great day to prove it.

Consider these kindered movements: Take Back Your Time Day and Center for the New American Dream.

Need an alternative gift idea?

A List – Written by hand on a beautiful sheet of paper. What I like (or Love) about you. This list includes, sometimes in bullet format, traits, values and characteristics of the recipient that I admire. This works well for everyone who can read. pictures of them doing something I admire are great when they are too young to read.

Made it Myself – Home made banana bread, a photo printed from a smart phone, a child’s hand print in plaster. Check out Green Eileen’s great high end crafting with recycled fibers workshops. Insource this year and unleash your inner creative.

Service – Think of what they need and what you can commit to do for them. For example, sending your kid to walk their dog for a month or a year!

What you have to offer is enough don’t let marketers tell you otherwise.

Still want to shop until you drop?  Consider just letting go for this one day. The very next day after International Buy Nothing Day, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, is Small Business Saturday.  Designed to focus on promoting local economy reducing travel, promoting eclectic business and products, and keeping your dollars working close to home.