City Establishes Hotline for Reporting and Increased Penalties for Lawbreakers.

dumping_prohibited-300x224YONKERS, NY – December 14, 2012 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano launched a new “It’s Dumb to Dump” anti-dumping program last week, part of the Mayor’s Clean Streets Initiative, targeting those who illegally dump their garbage in the city.  The new effort includes increased fines and the launch of a dumping hotline for residents to report any signs of illegal activity.

“The name of this program says it all, it’s simply dumb to dump,” said Mayor Spano. “Illegal dumping isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a health and environmental hazard and it’s offensive to all who live and work in our city. We will not tolerate it and will make sure those found violating the law are prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

Despite offering twice a week garbage pick-up and weekly bulk item pick-up, the city still uncovers dumping of all types of waste on properties including furniture, appliances, construction debris, car parts and even hazardous materials.  Under the Mayor’s new ordinance, recently approved by the City Council, fines for illegal dumping will increase from $500 to a minimum of $5,000 per violation, and as much as $10,000 in the most severe cases. Additionally, vehicles that unlawfully dump will be impounded immediately and subject to forfeiture proceedings. Mayor Spano said this hefty fine will cover the cost for the city to clean littered sites and also help fund the city’s sustainability efforts, but it also serves to send a clear message that the violation is not worth the penalty.

In addition, a new hotline, 914-377-DUMP, has been established for residents to report any instances of illegal dumping. The City is also offering a reward of up to $1000 to anyone who reports a case of illegal dumping in which a conviction is made. 

“It is very important for residents to immediately report any cases of dumping so that city crews can quickly get to work cleaning the site and hold those responsible for this serious violation accountable for their actions,” said Mayor Spano.

For the Spanish speaking communities in Yonkers, “no dumping” signs will be made available at the City’s Office of Constituent Services for landlords, superintendents and building managers by calling914-377-6010.